My name is Manuela and I am a vegan Mum. I am 3 years Vegan. My husband is Omnivour and we decided together that our child is a vegetarian. Usually he gets at home vegan food and sometimes vegetarian outside.

But he sees that other people eat meat. Papa eats meat, the grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends and sometimes he wants it, too. And therefore i bought him vegan books to tell him, why i don´t eat meat and i have looked in youtube to find vegan kids videos for him too.But i don´t find children friendly videos. Either they are for teenagers or they are too brutal.

So I have made a couple of videos and have expanded it and made a Youtube channel to help other parents, it includes everything think that has to do with veganism and children:why we do not eat meat, do not wear leather or go to the zoo, Do it yourself videos, games, painting, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, songs and children's book descriptions.

The channel is addressed to the children. The parents may also look at it :-)

My goal is to show our children why we are vegan and bring them closer tot he vegan lifestyle, without being fanatical.