Our books list:

Vegan children's books:

Why we don´t eat animals by Ruby Roth, recommended age 6-10 years. ( German video)

Vegan is love of Ruby Roth, Recommended age 6 years

We are Vegan Anna Bean, a great book for young children, the recommended age is between 3-8 years. Here my Youtube recession in german.

Let me free from Patrick George, from 3 years

Not Vegan:

The farm from Ravensburger. An example of a typical children's book with an idyllic rural atmosphere, as they are actually no longer held today. This book is good to learn how to describe animal use, for example, the calf is not with the mother, because we take the milk. These books are more suitable for small children. Here you can take "the Farm" almost every book of the series.